Dusk : An abstract Braid-clone


I was looking into puzzle platformers lately and I stumbled upon Dusk. Dusk is practically a short clone of Braid. You have reverse-time powers and your objective is to solve the puzzles in order to finish the levels.

Even music wise the game seems to be a copy of Braid , but this is not necessarily a bad thing – I really enjoyed Braid’s music. So why am I mentioning this game? Because it is exactly what you need to play , if you are thinking of making a puzzle platformer. It’s really short , around 30 minutes, but the puzzle’s logic is the same as all the other time-manipulating platform puzzles I have seen. More importantly these puzzles exist in their most basic form , which makes it easier for a newbie to gather some ideas , than diving directly to a full fleshed game. Even graphically the game helps you toward this direction with the whole contre-jour abstract graphics.

If you are looking for puzzle-inspiration just give it a try :



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