Hi from England!!

Hi there! I am back! Currently in Horsham, England working for Creative Assembly for the Total War team! It was 3 VERY hectic months moving from Malta to England but I am finally settling down.  I wish I could show you pictures from inside the offices , but unfortunately I can’t :(.

Also I have to admit that moving my tower was a really bad idea. I should have just left the computer in Malta. My tower is 7 year old veteran, with :

  • Intel Core-Quad duo
  • Geforce GTX 275
  • 6 gigabyte of RAM.

I am actually surprised it is still running and is still doing not too shabby with games! It is just amazing what you can accomplish if you simply turn off what you don’t need ( my latest “turn-off” was Aero effects).

Fun fact: My GTX 275 got one DVI-output burned , so I can only use one screen. To counter that I bought a GTX 280 from ebay for 30 pounds which got fried in 2 weeks. Now I am back with the GTX 275 and one screen. I an sorry old friend, I should have been more faithful to you


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