Well this is kinda crazy right now, but oh well…

Now that my movement has finished , I have to say I am a bit calmer. I even started playing video games again at home which is good. Well I decided to revisit old projects.

I am happy to announce that the 11th screen of Dorian is now reality”


I have to admit that Kostas code was more than simple and easy. To be honest while I was fiddling around the code, a couple of times I said to myself “It would be really practical if I do it this way”, only to discover that it had already been done even better. Anyway, I had fun with this screen. Initially, the little blue pyramid on the right was missing ( the one on top of the column ) , but I had to add it because the screen was simply too easy. I decided to add this screen before the 3 buttons puzzle. I think it goes better with the flow if I let the user familiarize a little bit with buttons first. I have several ideas on which screen should go after screen 9. Screen 9 ends up with inverted gravity which is kinda unique. I decided NOT to invert the gravity while transitioning between screens. If the player will leave a screen with inverted gravity, he will start the next screen with inverted gravity etc etc. Screen 9 is one of the few that start with inverted gravity and I didn’t want to waste it.

Ah well, we will see. If the screens are implemented it’s relatively easy to switch the order.

I had fun with this screen. The point of course is to hit the green button. We wanted ( the we here is me and David Chircop -we designed this one together ) to have a basketball like scene. A funny thing that I noticed was that while trying to bring the box back on the top of the big blue “hill” on the left, was that I couldn’t push the box uphill. I had to invert gravity in order to push the box along the ,  flat,  ceiling and then I had to first jump over the box and , then , re-invert gravity.

Anyway if you see it, it’s really simple I know that it doesn’t really make sense.

My point? It was one of the few times I was forced to do something by the game. One of the problems we had with Doriad was that the character could bend reality at will. Every puzzle platformer imposes some restrictions to the “special” powers of the player. Limbo for example had buttons to invert gravity and Braid had things that were not affected by you going back in times. You need to limit the interactivity of the player in order to ensure that the game will be changing states: If the player affects everything then there is going to be a circle of 2 stages : Everything inverted and everything normal. Note to self : Investigate further.

Finally one last thing that I wanted to add was that accidentally moved the collider of the main character away from the sprite which caused  some really weird behavior. I have to admit that this was the behavior that I wanted from rule-breaking game. I am kinda happy with the flow right now so I intend to finish level 1 as a a more traditional platformer but still… another note to self. Investigate further.

I am going to start a little slower this time. I am working full time too, so my time is limited.  Me moving countries practically put the project in the freezer. I will ,hopefully, attempt to bring everyone together again. Who knows? Maybe we will make it happen. But first I need to get this project some traction.
Current Team Members: 1 😛

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