This is an experimental game of interactive fiction and emotional projection. You play the role of a child who converses with their toys. The toy’s side of the conversation is a projection of the child’s self-image. We want you to immerse yourself into the role and interpret the consequences in your own unique way. The game’s ending is technically the same no matter the choices you make. However if we have succeeded in our goal, your interpretation of the final scene will be drastically different depending on your path through the game. This is how we chose to interpret the Global Game Jam’s theme of “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Indie Static mentions us in its highlights!!

The game’s page with the source code

Gamejolt page

Update 16/1/2016 : Chrome does not support Unity Web player anymore and the WebGL version of the game is not functioning properly. Patience.





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